Drilling Large Holes in Tile

By David Castro

July 07, 2021

In this article, we’re going to review how to make large holes in both ceramic and porcelain tile including White diamond hole saw, pointed diamond countersinks and diamond milling cutters. These tools will show that you take pride in your work and will set you apart from any corner-cutting competitors.

  • Diamond milling cutters for rounding corners and shaping openings
  • Can be used with a ½” drill or SDS adaptor
  • Start at a 45º and oscillate to a 90º plunge
  • Square cuts are a thing of the past
  • Tile & glass guides are useful for against a wall

White Diamond Hole Saws

When drilling into porcelain tile and ceramics, diamond hole saw and milling tools work best when used with an angle grinder. They can also be used with a ½” cordless drill or an SDS drill in rotation mode if you have the right adaptors. See the adaptors section below for more on this.

White Diamond hole saws cut through category 5-porcelain tile in less than 30 seconds. Simply start at a 45º angle and oscillate down to a 90º plunge.

White Diamond hole saws have high-grade industrial diamonds vacuum brazed on the top, inside and outside of the cutting lip. They are available in the following sizes:

Diamond Countersinks

This awesome tool is used for rounding the inner lip of holes sizes from 3/16” to 1-7/8” making it ideal for small anchor holes up to large pipe fitting jobs. This is especially useful for custom bathroom contractors, whose clients have an eye for details and expect the best.

In an industry where word of mouth is everything, going the extra mile by countersinking is a great way to separate your work from the competition.

Our Diamond Countersinks come in the two following sizes:

Diamond Milling Cutters

A must-have for the tile craftsman, this versatile tool comes in 8 sizes. This tool is especially handy for any jobs where pipe holes need to be drilled into the side of a tile. You can start by first outlining the cut with a Sharpie marker. Simply core out the desired cut until you have a perfect fitting for piping, conduit, or whatever else you’re running. Square holes are a thing of the past!

Our milling cutters come in the following sizes:

Adaptors for Drill Guns and Placement Guides

All three of these tools come with a ⅝” - 11 thread so they can be fitted to any Angle Grinder out of the box. Although an angle grinder is the ideal tool to use, you may wish to use a rotary drill instead and for that, we have two adaptors. If you opt to use an SDS gun, just make sure to use it in rotate mode only.

We also offer an easy to use drill guide for glass and tile for added stability and accuracy. Hold the guide to prevent any shaking until you’ve drilled about  ⅛” of an inch. Then you can lose the guide.

In Conclusion

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